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Q/A with Young Audio talking about Adamson Speakers on tour during "Riot Fest Toronto - 2015"

About Young Audio

The golden era for home audio Hi Fi was during the 1970's - early 80's. 

The receiver wars going strong, the larger audio manufacturers were deep in competition for the best product. From the design of the gear to using quality materials and parts, the goal was simple: 

make the most powerful amplifier.

The result was the BEST sounding Hi Fi equipment ever made.

It was during this time I became a musician and practitioner of audio, learning and cultivating my passion into a professional career that has spanned over 30 years in the music industry doing live sound. 

Ultimately, my focus is to bring this passion and hifi experience to you, with vintage turntables, amplifiers, speakers and records from this golden era, refurbished for the ultimate listening experience. 

In addition, if you own gear and are in need of quality repairs, you have come to the right place!

I invite you to check out the changing inventory, and to join the conversation and preservation of the golden era of hifi audio. 

- James Young, Founder and CEO

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